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Friday, December 31, 2004

Just be yourself

Ever have someone tell you to "be yourself"? Ever wondered what that means; "being yourself"? I know I have. I've thought about it, and thought about it some more. And the conclusion I can come up with regarding that phrase is that it's utter bullshit. How do you "be yourself"? Come to think of it; who are you really?

Think really hard about all the relationships you have or had; those with your parents, your buddies in school, your college buddies, your colleagues, your boss, your teachers, kids, strangers in the park, your neighbors. Think about them real hard and then try to differentiate the myriad 'you's you've been in those various relationships. The shit you talk about with your friends rarely, if ever, come up in conversations with your parents. To your grandparents you're sweet little children, but hit the park with your college mates and you turn into sex craved monsters, whistling at anything in a skirt that walks past. 'Fucker' and 'Asshole' are words you might use on your childhood buddy, but nary a curse is to be heard when you're with your girlfriend.

What I'm trying to say is that in all those cases, you are 'you'. And if you suddenly do a 180 and start cursing at your parents, choose to be quiet and reserved where you would usually be raising hell, start being nice to the guy who used to bully you in school; you're still 'you'. Just that you've decided to change the 'you' that you are. Nobody can tell you to 'be yourself', simply because you already are 'yourself'. You just can't be anymore 'yourself' than you already are. I'm not sure I can explain it in a clearer way. Maybe this'll help.

John: Hey Bob, there's that girl I like. What do I say? What do I do?
Bob: Just be yourself, John.
John: What the fuck Bob!? I am 'myself' and 'myself' doesn't know what the fuck to say. Which is why I'm asking you. Dumbass.

I reread this entire post, and now I'm not sure I'm even making sense.
But the point is this:

We should all just stop saying 'be yourself' and let people be whatever the hell they want to be, because they already are 'themselves'.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

hey~! i totally understand you stuff dude, and i'd like to be able to write like you. does that means i'm not gonna be myself if i could write like you?

taqiyuddin bakir said...

eh silaps... i mean 'am i still myself if am like you huh?'

CremeBrulee said...

As a matter of fact, you would still be you, just that 'you' want to be a bit like me.

Anonymous said...

"just be yourself". that phrase is the biggest bullshit i've ever heard. nobody in this world is himself/herself dude. everybody is always a part of somebody else.

Anonymous said...

i dont get it myself

Dila said...

you guys make simple things looks complicated..
u r who u r even if u r gay, transexual, like to wear each other clothes..

another stupid phrase..
* stay who you are, don't change

-a fren of piiown- said...

ahaks...i got the same dilemma i guess...used to have 2 diff circles of frenz....

[A]. the 'utm rejects' tht i luv to hang out with
[B].the 'mighty schematic student council' group tht i luv to express my ideas thru organising programs.

naturally they didnt mix with each other but i somehow happens to be in the middle of it

the A said 'im not me' when i hang out with B...even the way i spoke!... they always ask...'is it really u?' hey, mebbe i do have 2 diff personality...so what? at least im honest with what i do..

Snuze said...

But what happens when you being yourself (the way you want to be) invites derisiveness and negativity from others?

Do you remain who you are or do you become karma chameleon?

*iz borrowing shamelessly*

CremeBrulee said...

Actually, I would say do whatever is comfortable to you. If you're comfortable having people hate you, go ahead. I, on the other hand, prefer being nice to everyone, even if I get burned, less people hate me. :)

Except idiots. I hate those people.